Introduction to E-Learning Pathway for Data Analysts

3. Overview

SNOMED CT for Data Analysts has 4 main topics which are arranged into sections as follows:

  • Introduction
    • The Introduction contains learning resources to help a data analyst get started with SNOMED CT. It provides relevant background to understand how SNOMED CT can be used to support effective and high quality data analysis.
    • Sections - OverviewBackgroundSNOMED CT and ICD
  • SNOMED CT Features
  • SNOMED CT Content
    • SNOMED CT Content explores the wide range of clinical concepts found in SNOMED CT, and describes the different defining relationships that can be used in queries. It also explains how SNOMED CT can be used within clinical information models.
    • Sections - OverviewHierarchiesTerminology Binding
  • Analytics
    • The Analytics topic explains different techniques for using SNOMED CT in clinical data analysis, and how these techniques can be applied to analytics tasks. It also explores a number of case studies in which SNOMED CT has been used to perform data analysis.
    • Sections - OverviewCase StudiesMappingDescription Logic

For more information about each of the topics, please visit the relevant topic page and read the associated section descriptions (displayed by clicking the What is this section about? link).