A managed course has a formal application process and timings for completion. At present you cannot self-enroll on managed courses but that may change in future.

This course aims to provide authoritative coverage of a broad range of topics related to SNOMED CT at a relatively basic level. It also enables the growth of more detailed understanding of SNOMED CT by enabling those who complete this course to join more advanced SNOMED CT E-Learning courses in future.

The course consists of three modules each containing six presentations and one assessment. At the end of the course there is an additional final online assessment. On average students complete this course in 3 or 4 months. However, some students have completed the course in a few days of intensive study. Others have taken longer but please the maximum allowed period is set at seven months.

This 6 month course will build on knowledge gained during the SNOMED CT Foundation course. The objective is to provide an understanding of SNOMED CT that is sufficient for those engaged in various parts of the implementation process – from the decision to adopt SNOMED CT, through to specification and procurement and/or design and development of SNOMED CT enabled solutions, to deployment and practical use. 

Este curso tiene como objetivo proporcionar una cobertura autorizada de una amplia gama de temas relacionados con SNOMED CT en un nivel relativamente básico. También permite el desarrollo de una comprensión más detallada de SNOMED CT al permitir que aquellos que completen este curso se unan a cursos más avanzados de E-Learning de SNOMED CT en el futuro.

El curso consta de tres módulos, cada uno con seis presentaciones y una evaluación. Al final del curso hay una evaluación en línea final. En promedio, los estudiantes completan este curso en 3 o 4 meses. Sin embargo, algunos estudiantes han completado el curso en unos pocos días de estudio intensivo. Otros han tardado más, pero, por favor, el período máximo permitido es de siete meses.

This course builds on knowledge gained during the SNOMED CT Foundation course. The objective is to provide a theoretical understanding of SNOMED CT content and its development and maintenance from a content authoring perspective. This course is intended to provide a foundational base upon which further knowledge and skills such as practical content authoring, subset creation, translation; extension management and mapping would be built. 

SNOMED CT Foundation Course (2015-02-01 to 2015-06-23)

This course teaches software developers, with no prior knowledge of SNOMED CT, the principles of using a SNOMED CT terminology service to search and retrieve SNOMED CT content.