• Authoring Level 2 Certification

    • Overview

      SNOMED CT Authoring Level 2 Certification recognizes your competence in performing advanced SNOMED CT authoring tasks. This certification is valid for 3 years.

      To achieve SNOMED CT Authoring Level 2 Certification, you must pass the Authoring Level 2 Certification Exams - both a theory exam and a practical exam. These exams include a range of knowledge and skills-based activities to test your competence in SNOMED CT authoring at an advanced level. Please note:

      • During the practical exam you will be required to complete tasks using the SNOMED International training authoring platform. 
      • Prior to using this platform, you must accept the authoring platform terms of usage
      • You will be given access to the training authoring platform for up to three weeks prior to the exam to practice your authoring. 
      • Videos will be provided to show you how to use the authoring functionality in the training platform.
      • The certification exams will be electronically proctored to ensure that all students comply with the certification rules.


      Before enrolling in the Authoring Level 2 Certification Exams:


      For more information, please refer to the Authoring Level 2 Certification Guide.

    • How Do I Enrol?

      To enrol in the SNOMED CT Authoring Level 2 Certification Exam please login to the E-Learning Platform and click the button below.

      Students must be SNOMED CT Authoring Level 1 Certified to take exam.

      Students must have completed the SNOMED CT Authoring Level 2 Course.

      ENROL in Authoring Level 2 Certification Exam

    • Certification Guides

      SNOMED CT certification guides.