• SNOMED CT for Developers

    • Overview

      This learning pathway consists of a collection of E-Learning resources designed for software developers. The goal is to teach you enough about SNOMED CT in as short as possible a time to enable you to develop software applications that leverage its capabilities.

      SNOMED CT for Developers has five main learning topics, which cover around twenty hours of presentations. These topics are: Introduction, Essentials, Specifications, Terminology Services, and Record Services. Students may pick and choose the topics and presentations that are most relevant to their software development objectives.

      Please note that this pathway will not teach you how to design or develop software. Instead, the focus is on explaining how to apply the features of SNOMED CT within a software application, technical considerations you must be aware of, and resources that are available to assist with your SNOMED CT software development tasks.

      For more information, please refer to the Introduction to E-Learning Pathway for Developers below.

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