Introduction to E-Learning Pathway for Developers

2. Purpose

The key objective of the “SNOMED CT for Developers” learning pathway is to teach you enough about SNOMED CT, in as short as possible a time, to enable you to develop software applications which leverage the capabilities of SNOMED CT. 

The focus of this learning pathway is on teaching you how to apply the features of SNOMED CT within a software application, as well as the technical considerations when doing so.

It is important to understand that this learning pathway is NOT a formal software development training course. This means that it does not teach software design or software programming languages. These are skills which we assume you already have, and are prerequisites for following this learning pathway.

SNOMED International develops its terminology tools using open source and non-proprietary software wherever possible. The technology stack that we use is built on Linux and Java technologies, with thin client, browser-based front ends where applicable. However, it is NOT a requirement to use the same technologies as we do. Therefore, this learning pathway also includes education material on using SNOMED CT with other technologies, such as relational and graph databases.