1. Introduction

1.1. Terms and Conditions

By applying for and/or taking part in a SNOMED CT E-Learning certification you acknowledge and accept the following terms and conditions of participation:

  • SNOMED International is offering these certifications as a service to its Members, Affiliates and other interested parties. SNOMED International seeks to deliver these certifications in a fair, open and effective manner but does not accept any obligation to continue to provide these certificates. Similarly, while SNOMED International will seek to deliver this service in a timely manner, it does not accept any liability for delays or disruptions to certification delivery.
  • As a participant in this certification, you are responsible for ensuring that you complete all the pre-exam requirements as outlined in the relevant Certification Guide and the specific certification E-Learning site, before sitting the certification exam. 
  • As a participant, you accept that SNOMED International has the sole right to determine all matters related to your participation in the Certification.
  • As a participant, you will adhere to the Certification Rules.
  • SNOMED International will issue all participants with a personal login and password enabling you to access certification materials on the E-Learning Server. As a participant, you must not share your login details with anyone else. Furthermore, you must take all reasonable steps to ensure that others do not access your account. If at any time you become aware that others have or may have accessed your account, you must immediately change your password and report the potential misuse of your account to SNOMED International.
  • SNOMED International notes that some organizations may impose internet security policies on their staff. SNOMED International regrets that, if these policies prevent you from accessing any aspect of the certification, it may not be possible for you to complete the certification. Therefore, we advise participants to confirm that there are no security related obstacles to certification participation. If obstacles exist for certification participation using your employer’s systems, we recommend you consider using personal internet access as an alternative approach.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all certification materials are copyright of SNOMED International. Certification materials may not be reproduced in any form or media without the prior written permission of SNOMED International.