3. Accessing Resources

3.1. Login and Navigate

1. Using a web-browser go to the E-Learning server (https://elearning.ihtsdotools.org). Click on Log in (top right hand corner)

2. Login using your email address and password.

  • You should have received your password in an email. If not then see the note below:



If you have not received a password or have forgotten your password:                                                

  • Click on the “Forgotten your username or password” option.

  • On the page that appears enter your email and if you have an account you will receive an email.

  • If you cannot find the email please check your “Spam” or “Junk” folder.

  • If you still cannot find the password email please email us at elearning@snomed.org

3. When you have logged in you should now see the following screen including the courses and certifications to which you have access. These may include public access courses as well.


4. The “Navigation” block on the left of the screen is used to access courses, certifications and other functionality on the E-Learning server.


5. Opening up a course or certification in the navigation block shows the components of the resource nested under each of the Sections or Modules.

    • If you click on items in the navigation menu the resource component will display on the right.  

    • Important Note: When you are first enrolled on a course or certification some of the modules or other features may not be visible or may be visible only as titles without any accessible content. Some of these will be visible from the start date but some modules or assessment will only be accessible once you have completed required steps to progress to that point.

6. The checkboxes to the right of each item indicate if you have completed that item.