4. Communication

4.3. Changing email address

To change your email address or other details please use the drop down arrow just next to your name in the top right hand corner when logged in the ELearning Server to find “Profile” 

You will then see a section called User Details click on 'Edit profile'.

Note that you can also use the edit profile page to set your local time zone and to add other optional details or preferences to your profile.

It is important to set your timezone to a Continent/City (e.g. America/Vancouver, Europe/Madrid, etc.) that follows exactly the same timezone that you are in. Changes for Daylight Saving Time will then be made automatically. Please do NOT use timezone with fixed offsets from UTC (e.g. UTC-8) as these will be incorrect at certain times of the year when DST is in force for your area. Even when not affected by DLS these offset timezone maybe unreliable for some activities on the E-Learning Server so if possible always use a Continent/City setting.