Authoring Level 2 Course Overview

1. Introduction

The aim of this Authoring Level 2 course is to teach you the knowledge and skills needed to perform advanced SNOMED CT authoring tasks. This will also prepare you for the SNOMED CT Authoring Level 2 certification exam.

  • The Authoring Level 2 course, once completed, provides an ungraded course completion certificate.

  • Students enrolled in the SNOMED CT Authoring Level 2 course are required to complete all mandatory activities in each module, including e-books, presentations, videos, webinars and assignments.

  • All activities must be completed to successfully complete the course. 

  • All students who successfully complete the course will have the opportunity to enrol in the SNOMED CT Authoring Level 2 certification exam (separate enrolment and payment). Passing the Authoring Level 2 certificate is a formal recognition of your competence in performing advanced SNOMED CT tasks. 

What to consider before enroling in the Authoring Level 2 course?

  • Time required to complete the course

    • The Authoring Level 2 course is an advanced course and will require more time to complete than the Authoring Level 1 course. In the following sections we provide an estimate of the time that will be required to complete each module. This is an estimate and will be dependent on prior knowledge and authoring experience.

  • Design of course

    • The Authoring Level 2 course structure is different to the Authoring Level 1 course.

      • This advanced course involves a substantially more practical approach to authoring than level 1. There is less focus on presentations and assessments, and more focus on learning by reading the Editorial Guide and a strong focus on students learning through practical authoring exercises using the training authoring platform.

    • The Authoring Level 2 course involves more complex thinking and self learning/reflection than level 1, the level of difficulty is greater than level 1.