5. Viewing Presentations

5.2. Presentation View

An example of the normal presenter view is shown below.

  • The top left corner shows the presenter and provides an opportunity to see a brief introduction to the speaker (click ‘Bio’).
  • The remainder of the left column provides an outline list of the presentation. You can navigate to particular slides using this list.
  • The footer area contains several useful controls
    • Audio volume,
    • Pause/resume button
    • Progress bar for the audio and animations within the slide
    • A refresh button to restart the current slide
    • ‘< Prev’ and ‘Next >’ buttons to move backwards and forwards through the slides
  • At the top right there is ‘Resources’ link
    • This allows you to access a comment form and in some cases also provides links to other resources.
    • The comment form link opens an online form with the name of the presentation entered for reference.
    • Note: Before clicking the resources button click the Pause button to halt the presentation. Otherwise, the presentation will continue even though you are not watching it.

Macintosh HD:Users:dma:Dropbox:Screenshots:Screenshot 2015-01-26 18.17.45.png