3. Course Structure

3.1 Learning Resources

All courses include the following learning resources:

  • Presentations
  • References to related documents and resources
  • Assessments

Some courses may also include one or more of the following learning resources:

  • Interactive webinars
  • Exercises
  • Assignments
  • Videos

3.2 Course Modules

Each E-Learning course is divided into modules. Each module consists of a specified set of learning resources and is scheduled for completion within a particular period of time during the course. Some advanced courses may include a choice between modules. In all other cases, all modules are mandatory.

Access to modules may be managed so that a module can only be accessed when previous modules have been successfully completed. Access to the E-Learning Assessments for a module may be dependent on prior completion of other required resources in the module.

Completion of a course module requires the participant to view all the E-Learning Presentations in that module and to pass any E-Learning Assessments that form part of that module. If a course module includes interactive webinars or activity assignments, the participant may also be required to attend webinars and/or to demonstrate successful completion of assignments.

3.3 Course Completion

Completion of a course requires completion of all mandatory course modules within the timetable specified for the course. For many courses, successful completion also requires the participant to pass a final E-Learning Assessment. For some advanced courses, other forms of assessment may also be included.

3.4 Course Completion Certificates

Course participants who successfully complete a course will receive a completion certificate indicating that they have completed the course. Where appropriate, the completion certificate will also indicate the final assessment mark and/or a pass-grade. Course completion certificates will include the date the course was taken and may note requirements for refresher courses to update knowledge.