E-Learning Assessment Guide

This is a guide to the SNOMED CT E-Learning Course Assessments. 

2. Getting Started

To start an assessment click on the item. You will see summary information about the assessment including any limits on the number of retakes you are allowed (there are unlimited number of retakes for the Practice Assessment which is why it is not noted here) and the length of time in which you must complete the assessment. 

Click the 'Take Assessment now' button to start the assessment.


The assessment timer does not stop even if you lose your Internet connection or close you browser window. To account for possible interruptions the time limits for assessments have been doubled - although experience shows that almost everyone can complete these assessments in significantly less time. So if you lose your connection or need to break off for an hour, you should still have plenty of time to complete the test. However, if you do not complete it in the allowed time your score will be automatically recorded when the time expires. So be careful not to forget to resume and complete the assessment.