E-Learning Assessment Guide

This is a guide to the SNOMED CT E-Learning Course Assessments. 

5. Question Marking

In most assessments each question scores 5 point if answered correctly and no points if answered incorrectly. The exceptions to this rule are covered in the following subsections.

5.1 Questions that allow multiple responses

  • If all options selected are correct and no correct answer are missed the question scores 5 marks.

  • Otherwise the score is determined by the number of correct answers relative to the total number of correct options (e.g. 2 of 3 correct options  would score 3.33 marks, 2 of 4 score  2.5 marks)

  • Incorrect options selected lead to a deduction of a percentage of the score. This deduction is designed to penalize people who select all the options without consideration.

  • Correct options that are not marked do not result in penalty deductions.

5.2 Matching questions

Dropdown matching and Drag-and-Drop matching questions are marked as follows:

  • If all matches are correct the question scores 5 marks.

  • Otherwise the score is proportional to the number of correct matches (e.g. 2 of 5 would score 2 marks, 2 of 4 scores 2.5 marks.

  • No marks are lost for incorrect matches.

5.3 Reviewing Answers and Marking

When you complete an Assessment you may have an opportunity to review the marking of the question. However, note that this review option is not available later. This policy of limiting review access to immediately after the Assessment is based on advice in terms of integrity of the testing process and will not be varied. The objective is to limit opportunities for sharing of answer sheets between learners in the same organization.  

Please note that in the Certification Exams there is no opportunity to review the marking of the question.