SNOMED CT Authoring Level 2 Course Guide

The  SNOMED CT Authoring Level 2 Course Guide contains specific information about this course. 

1. Introduction

Welcome to the SNOMED CT Authoring Level 2 Course!

The aim of this course is to teach you the knowledge and skills needed to perform advanced SNOMED CT authoring tasks. This will also prepare you for the SNOMED CT Authoring Level 2 certification exam.

The Authoring Level 2 course, once completed, provides an ungraded course completion certificate.

We sincerely hope you enjoy taking the SNOMED CT Authoring Level 2 Course! If you have any questions or issues throughout the course, please contact us by email at

Before you Start

In order for you to be granted access to Module A of the course, there is a list of things you need to do. Therefore, before starting the course, please

      1. Watch the course introduction presentation
      2. Accept the Authoring Platform terms of usage
      3. Check your timezone settings
      4. Read the guides
      5. Familiarize yourself with the course schedule

Apply for a Confluence account - if required although most course participants will already have one (see section 4.2 of this guide)

      • Please respond to the question “Why do you need a Confluence account?” with the answer “Authoring Level 2 Course”