1. Introduction

SNOMED CT authoring level 1 certification recognises your competence in performing basic SNOMED CT authoring tasks. To achieve this certification, you must pass an exam which tests your competence in authoring through a range of knowledge and skills-based activities.

The authoring level 1 certification guide provides information about the process of achieving your authoring level 1 certification - from enrolling in the exam, to preparing for the exam, sitting the exam, and what to expect after the exam.

The guide has four main sections:

  1. Enrolment - This section explains why, how and when a candidate should enrol in the authoring level 1 certification exam.
  2. Preparing for the Exam - This section describes how a candidate can prepare for the certification.
  3. Sitting the Exam - This section provides information about the exam process itself.
  4. After the Exam - This section explains what to expect after the exam.