3. Preparing for the Exam

After you have enrolled in the authoring level 1 certification exam, you can prepare for the exam by following the steps below.

  1. Read the rules, guides and competencies
  2. Prepare for authoring platform access
  3. Schedule your exam
  4. Request access to authoring platform
    • Email elearning@snomed.org to request access to the training authoring platform (available only after enrolment)
      • Please note that you must schedule your exam, accept the authoring platform terms of usage and have a Confluence account before you will be granted access to the training authoring platform. Access to the platform may be given up to three weeks prior to your exam.

  5. Practice on the training authoring platform
    Before you sit the exam, we strongly recommend that you practice your authoring skills on the training authoring platform. For more information please refer to the following pages:
  6. Prepare your proctoring setup