3. Preparing for the Exam

3.3. Practice Exercises

It is entirely up to you to decide how much practice you should do in the training authoring platform prior to attempting the certification exam.

However, we strongly recommend that you practice as much as possible to feel confident in your authoring abilities.

The following suggestions are provided to support your ability to perform tasks in the platform.

Before Starting

Please note the following before starting your practice:

  • Use a Chrome browser when using the authoring platform.
  • Any new content or changes to existing content will reside only within your working environment and will not be visible to others.
  • All authoring in the training authoring environment will be performed in the SNOMEDLand extension.
  • SNOMED CT content from the International Edition cannot be modified in the training authoring platform.
  • All authoring in the certification exam must be performed using the proximal primitive parent modeling approachOther modeling approaches will not be accepted.
  • Always remember to save, classify and then save the classification results.
  • If the platform is not functioning as expected, try a hard refresh. This will usually solve the problem. However, if not then please see Training Authoring Platform - Issue Resolution (available only after enrolment).

Useful Resources

You should be familiar with the following resources before sitting your exam:

Practice Exercises

Some examples to help you practice your authoring are provided below. Please note that these exercises are provided to help you to familiarise yourself with the training authoring platform. They are not intended to teach you the principles of authoring - no answers will be provided. To learn more about how to author SNOMED CT content, please enrol in the SNOMED CT authoring level 1 course.


    1. You will not be required to create any new attribute value concepts or new parent concepts in the exam, so choose the most applicable existing concept for these values. Any existing concepts that are used for attribute values or historical associations will not require updating.
    2. If you make changes to a concept and then decided to inactivate that concept, you will need to revert back to the original concept first (i.e. undo any changes made). To do this, please click on the "Revert to version" button to undo all changes.
    1. Create new concepts

    Practice your authoring by creating the following new concepts:

    • A family history of Schinzel syndrome
    • A humeral SPECT
    • Acquired bile duct stricture
    2. Edit existing concepts

    Consider the following concepts, and make any changes you think are required:

    • History of hand ganglion aspiration (situation)
    • Right thigh ultrasound (procedure)
    • Suspected anthrax (disorder)
    3. Additional practice

    If you would like additional practice at creating new concepts, you could try to model concepts that have been created recently in the International Edition, but do not yet exist in the training platform.

    The training authoring platform is currently using the Jan 2024 International Edition, so you will need to use concepts added since then. One method of locating newer content is to look in the Daily Build Browser. Under the tab titled 'Daily Build', if you click on 'New concepts' you will see a list of concepts that have not yet been added to the Training Authoring Platform.

    Note: Please be aware that not all existing content in SNOMED CT conforms to the current editorial guide or proximal primitive parent modeling approach. It's therefore important not to assume that such content offers a valid model for authoring new content.