4. Sitting the Exam

4.2. Exam Instructions

Before you sit the exam
When you are ready to sit the exam

To sit the exam you will need:

  • A quiet, well lit and distraction free area in which you feel comfortable taking your exam.
  • A computer that meets the minimum system requirements, with Google Chrome and the Proctorio extension installed.
  • Access to the 'Certification Exam' project on the training authoring platform.
  • A reliable internet connection. 
  • A working webcam and microphone.
  • A photo ID.

To enter the exam:

  • Please click on the Authoring Level 1 Certification Exam button shown on the exam page. Note: The button will be invisible until the week of your exam appointment.
  • Please wait a few seconds before clicking on 'Start Assessment' to allow the proctoring solution to establish a connection. 
    Note: You should not be asked for a password. If you are asked for a password, please exit the exam, reenter and wait a few seconds for the connection to be established.

While sitting the exam, please ensure:

  • Your mobile phone is turned off.
  • You are prepared to be seated for up to 5 hours.  Note: You may finish the exam early. You may take one toilet break if required.
  • You remain in view of the camera at all times (unless you are taking a toilet break)
  • No one else is in your exam environment, or enters this environment during the exam.
  • No one speaks to you during the exam.
  • Your current network connection is stable and is working during the entire exam process (see exam reentry instructions below)
  • The training authoring platform is working correctly e.g. you are able to log in and perform authoring tasks.  This is important as you will need to use this in the exam!
  • On finalising your exam answers, you submit your work on both the E-learning Platform and the Training Authoring Platform.  NoteOnce your exam is submitted, the browser cache will be cleared of all exam data.

Reentering the Exam

You will automatically be forced to exit the exam if any of the following occur:

  • You experience a loss of connectivity during the exam.

If this occurs, please reenter the exam as soon as possible, as the exam timer will not stop during this process. When reentering an exam, you will be required to re-authenticate yourself before continuing.

Support During Exam

If you experience any technical issues during the exam, you may:

  • Access help related to the Proctoring Service using the live chat button provided within the exam (or email support@proctorio.com)
  • Access help related to the training authoring platform by emailing certsupport@snomed.org
    • Please be aware that technical support for the training authoring platform is only available from 8:00 UTC to 18:00 UTC (Monday to Thursday), so please keep this in mind when starting your exam.
    • We will try to respond to questions sent to certsupport@snomed.org as quickly as possible, but please be aware that the response may not be immediate.

If you experience any technical issues during the exam and would like consideration to be given for these circumstances, you must:

For less urgent issues, please send an email to elearning@snomed.org.

Important Note

Any violation of the Certification Exam Rules may result in failure of the exam, at the sole discretion of SNOMED International.