4. Sitting the Exam

4.3. Exam Process

The process of sitting the certification exam will involve the following steps:

  • Before you start the exam, please:
    • Login to the training authoring platform
    • Confirm that you have access to the 'Certification Exam' project
    • Create a task named "AL1 Certification". This is the task you will be using for the second part of the exam.
      • Please note that technical support for the training authoring platform is only available from 8:00 UTC to 18:00 UTC (Monday to Thursday), so please keep this in mind when starting your exam.
  • Click on the 'Take Assessment Now' button on the exam page.
  • Follow the proctoring setup instructions and pre-checks.
    • The system diagnostic checks will be performed on your webcam, microphone and internet connection
    • A reminder will appear to use the restroom, get water, get comfortable and get ready for the exam
    • You will be asked to remain in view of the camera at all times during the exam (except during the one toilet break that is permitted)
    • You will be asked to hold your photo ID in front of the webcam for scanning
    • The webcam image test will be performed
    • You will be asked to certify that you are the person in the photo ID and the person whose name is associated with the account currently logged into the e-learning platform
  • You will then be shown a button to start the exam. When you click on this button, the exam clock will begin. During your exam the following monitoring information will be collected:
    • Your microphone
    • Your webcam
    • Your physical location
    • Your identity
    • Any website you visit
    • Any other applications running
  • Answer the exam questions on the ELearning Platform and perform the required authoring tasks in the training authoring platform.
  • When you have completed the authoring tasks, please submit your task for review to EPS Trainer in the training authoring platform.
  • When you have answered all the exam questions, please click 'Submit all and finish' on the ELearning Platform.
  • Once your exam is submitted, the browser cache will be cleared of all exam data.