1. Introduction

1.1. Terminology Services Course and Exam Overview

Appropriately skilled experts are needed to support the development of software solutions that access and utilize the power of SNOMED CT services in a convenient and effective manner. To support the training and certification of these experts, SNOMED International offers the SNOMED CT Terminology Services  Course and Terminology Services Certification Exam.

The SNOMED CT Terminology Service Certification Course and Exam enables software professionals to develop the competencies required to become a SNOMED CT terminology service expert. It also gives software professionals an opportunity to be recognized for the terminology services skills and knowledge they acquire through the course by offering a certification process. This certification program may be valuable to both new and experienced developers of SNOMED CT enabled systems.

The course provides the learning material required to prepare for the certification exam. However, please note that the completion of the training material does not guarantee that you will pass the certification exam. Additional practice and experience may be needed to reach the standard required for certification.