1. Introduction

1.3. Communication

To communicate with the SNOMED International E-Learning team, please email elearning@snomed.org. Using this elearning email address will ensure that your communications are tracked and managed in a way that allows the team to respond most effectively. If you are reporting an issue, please remember to provide screenshots (where applicable) and a detailed explanation.

To receive important email communications related to your e-learning, please ensure that your email client is not placing messages from noreply@snomed.org or elearning@snomed.org in a spam or junk folder. 

If you are experiencing any technical issues while your certification exam is in progress, please email certsupport@snomed.org. We will try to respond to these emails as quickly as we can, but please be aware that the response may not be immediate.

When you finish the Terminology Services Certification Course, please complete the course feedback form to share your comments and suggestions.