2. Certification

2.3. Exam

The SNOMED CT Terminology Services Certification Exam consists of 20 questions which test the competencies outlined in the Terminology Services Competencies.

  • The first eight questions require the native Snowstorm API to be used;
  • The following twelve questions require Snowstorm's FHIR API to be used.
  • For each question, you will also be asked to provide the URL you used to find the answer.

You have up to 5 hours to complete the exam.

If you are experiencing any technical issues while your certification exam is in progress, please email certsupport@snomed.org. We will try to respond to these emails as quickly as we can, but please be aware that the response may not be immediate.


Please read the certification rules to understand the rules of sitting a SNOMED International certification exam. Acceptance of and adherence to these rules is mandatory when participating in a SNOMED International certification exam.


The Terminology Services Certification Exam uses a remote proctoring service to ensure that all students comply with the required certification rules. This proctoring service, which seamlessly integrates with the Chrome browser, monitors your computer's webcam, microphone and desktop, and will lock down certain functions during the exam. It also requires you to verify your identity using a valid photo ID. Before the exam begins, you will be reminded of the types of data that will be collected during the exam.

After the exam is complete, the exam monitoring data will be analysed for specific behaviours and abnormalities to ensure that all participants have complied with the certification rules. The exam monitoring data will be viewed only by SNOMED International staff. SNOMED International and our proctoring service provider are both fully compliant with all relevant data privacy legislation (including the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe).