5. After the Exam

5.1. Pass Mark and Retakes

The information in this chapter relates to conditions for passing and retaking the Certification Exam.


The Passmark is 80% or above.


If you are unsuccessful in passing the Certification Exam

  • You are allowed one more attempt at sitting the Certification Exam. You can resit the exam by enrolling once again for the exam and paying the fee (same as original payment).
  • Please note we cannot give feedback or marks on individual exam results. 
  • We would strongly recommend you reflect on your exam performance and review those parts of the exam you found difficult. You will also find the Certification Competencies a useful guide to what is required to pass the exam.
  • If after resitting the exam and you are again unsuccessful, there are two options available
    • Enrol or re-enrol for the Authoring Level 1 Course and learn more about SNOMED CT. This would give you an opportunity to further hone your skills and practice authoring in a structured environment.
    • Enrol in the Certification Exam after a period of one year. This would give you the opportunity to reflect on those competencies that need further focus and give you the chance to practice authoring further in your own environment.