4. Sitting the Exam

Exam Overview

The certification exam consists of 20 questions which test the competencies outlined in the Authoring Level 1 Competencies

  • The first part of the exam (10 questions) will test your knowledge of authoring theory and will include multiple choice and gap select style questions, as described in the E-Learning Assessment Guide. These theory questions are worth 25% of the total marks.
  • The second part of the exam (10 questions) will involve authoring using the training authoring platformThese authoring questions are worth 75% of the total marks.

Exam Proctoring

Like other SNOMED International courses, the certification exam will be performed on the SNOMED CT e-learning platform. However unlike the other course assessments, the certification exam will use a remote proctoring service, which seamlessly integrates with the Chrome browser. This proctoring service will monitor your computer's webcam, microphone and desktop, and will lock down certain functions during the exam. It will also require you to verify your identity using a valid photo ID. The proctoring service will inform you before each proctored exam as to exactly what data will be collected during the exam.

After the exam is complete, the exam monitoring data is analyzed for specific behaviours and abnormalities to ensure that all participants comply with the certification rules. The exam monitoring data will be viewed only by SNOMED International and not by the proctoring service provider. SNOMED International and the proctoring service provider are both fully compliant with all relevant data privacy legislation (including the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe).

Exam Rules

Please read the certification rules to understand the requirements for sitting a SNOMED International certification exam. Acceptance of and adherence to these rules are mandatory when participating in a SNOMED International certification exam.