SNOMED CT Implementation Course Guide

The  SNOMED CT Implementation Course Guide contains specific information about this course. 

1. Introduction

Welcome to the SNOMED CT Implementation Course!

This course provides an in depth understanding of the SNOMED CT specific knowledge and skills required to implement a SNOMED CT enabled system. The topics taught in this course are of direct value to people engaged in various aspect of the implementation of SNOMED CT. The level of technical detail covered in this course provides a practical working understanding of SNOMED CT that goes well beyond that available in the Foundation course.

Prior to the start date of your course, you will only have access to the course preparatory materials, including the course guide, the schedule and an introductory presentation. After the start date of your course, the e-Learning material in the first module of the course will become available. Before you will be given access to module A, you must first:

  1. Watch the course introduction presentation
  2. Check your timezone settings
  3. Read the guides

We sincerely hope you enjoy the SNOMED CT Implementation Course! If you have any questions or issues throughout the course, please contact us by email at